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11122 Los Alamitos Blvd.
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

“Ooo…this sounds good.  Oh…THAT sounds good.  Wait, no, THIS sounds good.”

Have you ever looked at a menu and just kept “ooo’ing” and “ahhh’ing” your way through it?  I was sitting at Mama’s and had the hardest time choosing just what to get.  Finally, I decided on the Breakfast Pizza Pie because let’s be real – pizza is ALWAYS a good idea.

The Breakfast Pizza was huge!  The crust was hearty, hand-rolled, and had just the right amount of thickness.  Sprinkled on top were bacon, breakfast potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and I topped it off with some scrambled eggs to make my breakfast pizza complete.  The pizza came out hot.  I loved the crunchy/chewiness of the dough mixed with the melted cheese and salty/savoriness of the bacon.

There are multiple reasons why Mama’s is such a gem.

First, their menu really has something for everyone.  I wanted to order about 10 dishes at once, but had to calm myself.

Second, I love the fact that Mama’s serves breakfast ALL DAY.  So, pancakes, chilaquiles, chicken & waffles, omelets – you get that all day!

Third, they have days where they offer GREAT deals on drinks.  For example, Wednesdays, you can order a flight of wines for $7 and they are generous with their pours!

Fourth, they have endless fries.  Get those parmesan fries!

Fifth, they have THRIFTY ICE CREAM!  Do you guys remember Thrifty Ice Cream?  As soon as I took my first bite of the mint chip ice cream, memories of my childhood immediately flooded back to me and you just found me just sitting quietly for a good 10 minutes just enjoying each bite.

Mama’s is refreshingly inviting.  As soon as you walk into the eatery, you have the various flavors of Thrifty ice cream as your eye candy.  The diner has warm lighting, so it feels like the perfect place where you can leisurely catch up with friends or have a laid back dinner.  There are TVs throughout the place, a bar in the middle, and a nice fireplace in the patio which seems to encourage the “Stay…relax…and unwind” vibe.

With Mama’s unique menu, it can probably cater to just about any craving you may have.  I’m going to be back again soon because I have more dishes I’ve got to try!



Did someone say ice cream??

Matter of fact – did someone say a whole museum dedicated to ice cream?!

I HAD to come visit The Museum of Ice Cream (“MOIC”) in L.A. to explore.  The moment you arrive at the MOIC, you are immersed into a bubbly and bright experience. As you are waiting in line, you are being hyped up by who I will call the hype girls.  They will lead a group of people and explain the do’s and don’ts of good museum etiquette before leading you on your way.

The doors leading to your happy experience!

As you make your way through the museum, there are different themes with each room.  Each one just as Instagram worthy as the last.

DETAILS! Mint chocolate chip mochi ice cream

That is actually cacao shavings where the mint is growing.

As you make your way through, you also get samples of different types of sweets or ice cream.  Here is some mint chocolate chip mochi from My Mo.

My favorite room was the gummy bear room.  Not only do you get to snack on gummy bears, but you are in a disco room with with giant gummy bears.

They’re also very adamant that guests do not mess with the bananas – you will have to take a banana promise before you walk in.

Ice cream by law

Be prepared to find sprinkles on you even after you leave!

The infamous sprinkles pool! Dive in!

And the main star of the show as the sprinkles room.  You will literally be able to dive into a pool of sprinkles.  Prepare for these sprinkles to get EVERYWHERE.  Thankfully, these are made out of plastic, so you won’t be sticky after your sprinkles pool session.

If you are able to make it out to the MOIC, make sure you take your camera and your appetite.  I had so much fun in my 2+ hour experience through the museum.  Each room was vibrant, the staff were all enthusiastic, and the fact that you could eat little snacks throughout the whole experience made it that much better!