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My Favorite Donuts in Orange County



If I close my eyes, I can still imagine those freshly made warm sugary donuts melting in my mouth.

When you pull up to the parking lot for Sidecar, you will usually find a line out the door and rightfully so!  Even though the lines are usually out the door, the staff keeps the line moving efficiently that the wait is not bad at all.  The interior of Sidecar is quaint and cozy.  When you walk in, you are greeted with a wide display of donuts.  You can see donuts being made in the back and there is a menu with a list of items you can choose, which also includes coffee!


My dilemma every time I come here is “what do I get?!”  There’s so much variety and each donut looks even more delectable than the next.  I usually walk out of there with at least a half dozen donuts – AT LEAST.  Do I eat them all?  Hell yes I do.  My favorite was a Bavarian Cream donut that Sidecar offered during restaurant week.  The chocolate was thinly spread on top and then a dollop of cream in the middle.  The cream was so fluffy and light.  The thin spread of chocolate and donut was pure sugary heaven.  The moment the donut hit my mouth, it felt like they melted.  Honestly, if you can, get one of each and take a bite out of every one.  The flavor, love, and texture of the donuts make the cost of these donuts worth it!



The service from beginning to end was excellent.  We were greeted promptly and everything was done with a smile.

Live a little and visit Sidecar.  It is definitely a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth!