About Your Foodie Girl!

 My name is Michelle and I am your foodie girl!  I created this blog so that I can share my many food adventures with other foodies and passionate eaters just like me out there in the world.  Food to me is an exciting full body experience that calls upon all your senses – from the various sounds, sights, feels, smells, and my ultimate favorite – tastes!

I grew up in a household of restaurant owners and food enthusiasts.  A typical day in my life growing up included discussions of the various combinations of secret ingredients, spices, and sauces that were included in dishes.  Nothing much has changed – I love the entire food experience.

If you think about it, the one thing where we can find commonality and can bring people together is…FOOD!  I appreciate all types of food from different cultures and am not afraid to try something at least once!  Food sparks conversation, encourages creativity, and creates happiness!  Come follow me and let’s share our food adventures together!



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